From her studio in Central Pennsylvania to a creek in the woods and the beaches of Long Island, Meredith Kaminek has cultivated her career as a professional portrait photographer since 1992. Connecting with people to photograph more than what they look like, but who they are, has always been the true passion parallel to her artistic eye.

Feeling a similar connection with nature, Meredith has branched out with natural photography to share her perspective of how everyday life and our seemingly ordinary surroundings are genuine gifts...                                                                                            long as you take the time to look at it that way.


" I found it"  is Meredith Kaminek's published hardcover book, which is a collection of her photographs of nature untouched, coupled with simple thoughts and inspirations that she has written.

Meredith has chosen to manifest these daydreams in order to share with many in hope that whomever looks beyond the cover may discover something beautiful within nature just as it is, or something new and beautiful within themselves.

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