Meredith Kaminek: Self-Publishing And Marketing A Fine Art Photography Book

Meredith Kaminek self-published a book of her fine art photography, together with her own inspirational writings, and then set about publicizing, marketing, and selling her books herself without the aid of a publisher or publicist.

By creating her own opportunities for art shows and book signings, and by making herself easily accessible to anyone interested in her work, she has turned what many fine art photographers might see as a Herculean task into a success.

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Fox 43 Paying It Forward

In this week’s Pay it Forward, we travel to Goldsboro, York County, where one photographer captures people’s images and their hearts with her giving spirit and sunny outlook on life.

Meredith Kaminek is well-known in central Pennsylvania for her years of photography work, but she’s also well-known for her giving nature, despite going through struggles of her own.

“She tends to provide to everybody, every way she can, in whatever means that they’re able to afford,” said Anne Landefeld, a recipient of Kaminek’s kindness. “There’s times where she just donates.”

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The Burg Magazine July 2015

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